Welcome to the JINA Reaclib Database!

The reaclib data base has moved to a new home on jinaweb.org - Welcome! This move and significant recoding was necessary to satisfy security requirements. Thank you for your patience during the transition process. Most of the functionality has been restored except for the graphical display of reaction rates, which is still under construction. If you see any other issues please let us know.

This is a database for nuclear reaction rates to be used in astrophysical model calculations.
To get help please visit the help page.

For more details and REACLIB citation, see Cyburt et al., ApJS 189 (2010) 240.


Contains multiple versions of each rate with one recommended rate.
One can find rates using our search engine
or by typing in the specific reaction URL
[e.g. http://jinaweb.org/reaclib/db/na21(p,g)]


Libraries are collections of rates selected from the database.
Public reaclib releases are available as libraries and represent snapshots of the database on a particular date.
Users can also define their own libraries and make them public to document the rates they used.


You are not required to have an account to browse and download data.
You will only need an account to create and manage your own libraries.
To create your own account please click sign up.

Contact: For further information, direct your inquiries to reaclib at nscl dot msu dot edu.


  1. How are reverse rates calculated? or What does the "v" flag mean?
    • The "v" flag in REACLIB format, identifies "reverse" rates
    • "Reverse" rates are calculated via detailed balance (without partition functions)
    • Therefore, rates with this flag must be corrected to include partition function modifications.
  2. On Al26 ground and meta stable states in REACLIB.
    • Al-6 refers to the ground state of Al26.
    • Al*6 refers to the meta-stable state of Al26.
    • Al26 refers to the thermal population of Al-6 & Al*6.
  3. On the ground state weak decays under the labels wc07 & mo03.
    • these weak rates are the partial decay rates, not total rates.
    • beta-delayed particle emission is presented in the database.
  4. On the pp→d weak reactions.
    • the 2 rates presented are labeled "ec" and "bet+"
    • they must be accounted for specially (as they aren't beta-decays or electron captures).
2021-06-24 Submitted By: Steven Sneed
The default library was updated with 46 new rates today. You can access the DAT file here.
2016-11-14 Submitted By: Steven Sneed
In reaclib v2.2. we fixed some reverse rate issues. The snapshot is now available.
2015-02-20 Submitted By: Richard Cyburt
Expect some outages 2-20-2015 due to server maintenance.
2012-06-01 Submitted By: Richard Cyburt
After much effort, the REACLIB Team would like to announce the Snapshot library V2.0. A history of the rates updated can be found on the Status page. Thank you for all your helpful comments.
2010-12-15 Submitted By: Richard Cyburt
The REACLIB Team is pleased to announce the release of our new web interface. If there are any questions/comments on the interface or database, please contact us via our Email.