Reference Labels

Reference labels are data sources used in the database. Each has a four-character shorthand by which it is referred throughout the site. Click the label name to view more information and any files associated with it.
6an9CYBT Cyburt, R.H. evaluation of He6(a,n)Be9 data 2010
ac12 Arnold, C.W. Cross Section Measurement of 9Be(γ,n)8Be and Implications for α+α+n -> 9Be in the r-Process PRC 85,4 2012
an06 S. Ando Radiative neutron capture on a proton at big-bang nucleosynthesis energies PRC 74, 025809 2006
ba00 D.W. Bardayan et al. The astrophysically important 3+ state in Ne18 and the F17(p,γ)Ne18 stellar rate PRC 62, 055804 2000
baka Z Y Bao Neutron Capture Cross Sections for s-Process Studies ADNDT 36, 411 1987
bb92 T Rauscher Production of heavy elements in inhomogeneous cosmologies ApJ 429, 499 1994
bec experimental electron-capture rates 0
bet+ experimental beta-plus rates
bet- experimental beta-minus rates 0
bg11 Best, A. First direct measurement of resonance strengths in 17O(α,γ)21Ne PRC 83, 052802(R) 2011
bh06 Bardayan, D.W. et al Astrophysically important 26Si states studied with the 28Si( p, t)26Si reaction. II. Spin of the PRC 74, 045804 2006
bhi+ M. Hirsch theoretical beta decay rates Data Nucl. Data Tables 53 165 1995
bk91 C.R. Brune Cross sections for H3(Li7,n0)Be9 and H3(Li7,ntot) PRC 43, 875 1991
bk92 C.R. Brune Total cross sections and thermonuclear reaction rates for C13(d,n) and C14(d,n) PRC 45, 1382 1992
bkmo H V Klapdor Beta-Decay Half-Lives of Neutron-Rich Nuclei ADNDT 31, 81 1984
bqa+ P. Moller theoretical beta decay rates At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 66 1997
br10 Burda, O et al. Resonance parameters of the first 1/2+ state in 9Be and astrophysical implications PRC 82, 015808 2010
BS99 Bradfield-Smith, W Breakout from the hot CNO cycle via the 18Ne(α,p)21Na reaction PhRvC 59, 6, p3402 1999
btyk K Takahashi Beta-Decay Half-Lives Calculated on the Gross Theory ADNDT 12, 101 1973
bu96 L. Buchmann New Stellar Reaction Rate for 12C(α,γ)16O ApJL 468, 127 1996
cb01 Caggiano, J.A. Spectroscopy of 23Al and 27P using the (7Li,8He…) reaction and the implications for 22Na and 26Al nucleosynthesis in explosive hydrogen burning PRC 64, 025802 2001
cb09 Chipps, K.A. The 17F(p,γ)18Ne resonant cross section PRC 80, 065810 2009
cd08 Cyburt, R.H. Evaluation of modern He3(a,g)Be7 data PRC 78, 064614 2008
cd09 0
cf88 G R Caughlan Thermonuclear Reaction Rates V ADNDT 40, 283 1988
ch09 K. Y. Chae Constraint on the astrophysical 18Ne(α, p)21Na reaction rate through a 24Mg( p,t)22Mg measurement PRC 79, 055804 2009
chw0 Cyburt, R. H. Re-evaluation of Buchmann 1996 C12(a,g) and Hoffman Ca40(a,g) and Ti44(a,p) rates REACLIB 2012
co10 Constantini, H. et al 16O(α,γ)20Ne S factor: Measurements and R-matrix analysis PRC 82, 035802 2010
ct07 A. Chafa et al. Experimental determination of the 17O(p,α)14N and 17O(p,&gamm PRC 75, 035810 2007
cybtCO Richard H. Cyburt CO burning re-evaluation based on experimental papers cited in cf88 2007
da04 D'Auria The Na21(p,γ)Mg22 reaction from Ec.m.=200 to 1103 keV in novae and x-ray bursts PRC 69, 065803 2004
de04 Descouvemont, P Compilation and R-matrix analysis of Big Bang nuclear reaction rates ADNDT 88, 203 2004
De99 Descouvemont, P Microscopic study of proton-capture reactions on unstable nuclei Nuclear Physics A, 646, 261-27 1999
dh03 S. Dababneh Stellar He burning of O18: A measurment of low-energy resonances and their astrophysical implication PRC 68, 025801 2003
ec electron capture rates
er10 Erickson, L. First direct measurement of the 23Mg( p,γ)24Al reaction PRC 81, 045808 2010
fi05 C. Fox et al. Thermonuclear reaction rate of O17(p,γ)F18 PRC 71, 055801 2005
fkth thielemann theoretical rates calculated with SMOKER 1987
fs07 J.L. Fisker, W. Tan, J. Goerres, M. Wies Experimental measurements of the O15(α,γ)Ne19 reaction rate vs. observations of type I X astro-ph/0702412 2007
fy05 H.O.U. Fynbo et al Revised rates for the stellar triple-a process from measurement of 12C nuclear resonances Nature 433, 136-139 2005
ga00 J. Gorres, C. Arlandini, U. Giesen, M. H Low-energy resonances in N14(α,γ)F18 and their astrophysical imlpications PRC 62, 055801 2000
GG90 Görres, J Proton capture on 14C and its astrophysical implications NuPhA 517, p329 1990
GG92 J. Gorres Alpha capture on C14 and its astrophysical implications Nucl. Phys. A 548, 414-426 1992
gh95 Gorres, J. Two-neutron capture reactions in supernovae neutrino bubbles PRC 52, 2231 1995
gl06 B. Guo et al. Determination of the astrophysical 26Si(p,γ)27P reaction rate from the as PRC 73, 048801 2006
gl07 B. Guo Determination of the astrophysical 11C(p,γ)12N reaction rate from the as J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 2007
GW95 Görres, J Bridging the waiting points: The role of two-proton capture reactions in the rp process PhRvC 51, 1, 392–400 1995
ha01 Hale, S.E. Investigation of the Ne22(p,γ)Na23 reaction via (He3,d) spectroscopy (new) PRC 65, 015801 2001
ha01g Investigation of the Ne22(p,γ)Na23 reaction via (He3,d) spectroscopy (old) PRC 65, 015801 2001
ha04 Hale et al. Investigation of the Na23(p,γ) and Na23(p,α) reactions via (He3,d) spectroscopy PRC 70, 045802 2004
Ha96 Hahn, K I Structure of 18Ne and the breakout from the hot CNO cycle PhRvC 54, 4, p1999-2013 1996
Ha96c Hahn, K I Structure of 18Ne and the breakout from the hot CNO cycle (constructive interference) PhRvC 54, 4, p1999-2013 1996
Ha96d Hahn, K I Structure of 18Ne and the breakout from the hot CNO cycle (destructive interference) PhRvC 54, 4, p1999-2013 1996
hd08 Heil, M et al. The 13C(α, n) reaction and its role as a neutron source for the s process PRC78, 025803 2008
HF99 Herndl, H Thermonuclear reaction rate of 23Mg(p,γ)24Al PhRvC 58, 3, p1798 1998
hg12 Halász, Z. et al Investigation of α-induced reactions on 130Ba and 132Ba and their importance for the synthesis of heavy p nuclei Phys. Rev. C 85, 025804 2012
hg94 Herndl, H Proton capture reaction rates in the rp process Physics Review C 52 1078 1995
hg95 Herndl, H. Proton capture reaction rates in the rp process PRC 52, 1078 1995
hi09 Hashimoto, T. et al A new measurement of the astrophysical Li8(d,t)Li7 reaction PLB 674, 276 2009
ia08 Iliadis, C. New reaction rate for 16O( p,γ)17F and its influence on the oxygen isotopic ratios in massive AGB stars PRC77, 045802 2008
ib96 Iliadis, C. New Stellar reaction rates for 25Mg(p,γ)26Al and 25Al(p,γ)26Si PRC 43, 475 1996
il01 Iliadis C Proton-induced thermonuclear reaction rates for A=20-40 nuclei ApJS 134, 151-171 2001
il10 Iliadis, C. Charged-particle thermonuclear reaction rates NPA 841, 1; 31; 251; 323 2010
il99 C. Iliadis Explosive Hydrogen Burning of 27Si, 31S, 35Ar and 39Ca in Novae and X-ray Bursts ApJ 524, 434 1999
im05 G. Imbriani et al S-factor of 14N(p,γ)15O European Physics Journal A 25, 2005
iucf Schatz First measurement of excited states in the very proton rich nucleus 24Si and the consequences for 22 Physics Review Lett. 79 3845 1997
jm06 Jenkins, D.G. Reevaluation of the 30P(p,γ)31S astrophysical reaction rate from a stud PRC 73, 065802 2006
jz10 Su Jun Neutron Spectroscopic Factors of 7Li and Astrophysical 6Li(n,γ)7Li Reaction Rates Chinese Physics Letters 27, 05 2010
ka02 I. Dillman KADoNiS v0.2 AIP Conf. Proc. 819, 123 2007
ka12 Katsuma, et al THEORETICAL REACTION RATES OF 12C($alpha;,γ)16O BELOW T9 = 3 The Astrophysical Journal, 745 2012
kd02 I. Dillman KADoNiS refit to elliminate blowups and match to theory AIP Conf. Proc. 819, 123 2007
kd03 Dillman, I. KADONIS V0.3 KADoNiS v0.3 - The third updat 2009
kf02 R. Kunz Astrophysical Reaction Rate of C12(α,γ)O16 ApJ 567, 643-650 2002
kg91 P.E. Koehler O17(n,α)C14 cross section from 25 meV to approximately 1 MeV PRC 44, 2788 1991
ks03 KADONIS V0.3 refit 2017 KADoNiS v0.3 2009
ks12 Investigation of $alpha;-induced reactions on 127I for the astrophysical γ process PHYSICAL REVIEW C 86, 035801 2012
ku92 Kubono, S. Level structure of 21Mg and the 20Na(p,g)21Mg stellar reaction rate NPA 537, 153 1992
laur L Van Wormer Reaction Rates and Reaction Sequences in the rp-process ApJ 432, 326-350 1994
ld11 La Cognata, M. The 8Li(a,n)11B reaction rate at astrophysical temperatures ApJ 736, 148 2011
lg06 Z.H. Li et al. 13N(d,n)14O reaction and the astrophysical 13N(p,γ)14 PRC 74, 035801 2006
li10 LeBlanc, P.J. Constraining the S factor of 15 N( p,γ ) 16 O at astrophysical energies PRC 82, 055804 2010
li12 Longland, R. Reaction rates for the s-process neutron source 22Ne + α Phys. Rev. C 85, 065809 2012
ls09 Li, Z et al.... Determination of the 12C(p,γ)13N reaction rates from the 12C(7Li,He)13N reaction Science in China G: Physics an 2010
ma10 Matic et al. High-precision ( p,t) reaction to determine 25Al( p,γ)26Si reaction rates PRC 82, 025807 2010
ma11 Matic, A. et al High-precision 28Si(p,t)26Si reaction to determine 22Mg(a,p)25Al PRC 84, 025801 2011
mafo R Malaney Late-time neutron diffusion and nucleosynthesis in a post-QCD inhomogeneous Omega(b) = 1 universe ApJ 333, 14 1988
mb07 Ma, Z. Astrophysically important 31S states studied with the 32S( p, d)31S reaction PRC 76, 015803 2007
mb11 Mukhamedzhanov, A.M. Reexamination of the astrophysical S factor for the α+d→6Li+γ reaction PRC 83, 055805 2011
mm11 M. Matos et al. Unbound states of 32Cl and the 31S(p,γ)32Cl reaction rate PRC 84, 055806 2011
mo03 P. Möller New calculations of gross β-decay properties for astrophysical applications: Speeding-up the c PRC 67, 055802 2003
mo92 P Möller 1992
mo97 2017
mp17 Neutron-gamma competition for β-delayed neutron emission PRC94 064317 2016
mv09 A. Matic et al. High-precision (p,t) reaction measurement to determine 18Ne(a,p)21Na reaction rates PRC 80, 055804 2009
nac2 Xu, Y. et al. NACRE2 Nucl. Phys. A 918, P. 61 2013
nacr Angulo C. A compilation of charged-particle induced thermonuclear reaction rates Nuclear Physics, A656, 3-183 1999
nb03 G. Audi, O. Bersillon, J. Blachot, A.H. The Nubase2003 evaluation of nuclear and decay properties Nuclear Physics A 729, 3 2003
nfis Fisker J.L. Shell-model calculation with nuclear masses from newmass tables private comm. & ADNDT 79, 241 2001
nk06 Nagai, Y. Measurement of the 2 H(n, γ ) 3 H reaction cross section between 10 and 550 keV PRC 74, 025804 2006
nw00 Nelson, S.O. Evaluations of thermonuclear proton capture reaction rates for 2H, 7Li, 9Be, and 11B NPA 679, 199 2000
ol11 Oginni, B.H. Theoretical evaluation of the reaction rates for 26Al(n,p)26Mg and 26Al(n,a)23Na PRC 83, 025802 2011
pepd pep-->dnu reaction rate (cf88) 0
pg06 Y. Parpottas et al. Astrophysically important 26Si states studied with the (3He, n) reaction and t PRC 73, 049907 2006
PI99 Powell, D C Reaction rate of 24Mg(p,γ)25Al Nucl. Phys. A660, 349 1999
pkrE Panov, I.V. ETFSI Neutron-induced astrophysical reaction rates Astron. Astrophys. 513, A69 2010
pkrF Panov, I.V. FRDM Neutron-induced astrophysical reaction rates Astron. Astrophys. 513, A69 2010
pkrH Panov, I.V. HFB14 Neutron-induced astrophysical reaction rates Astron. Astrophys. 513, A69 2010
pkrT Panov, I.V. TF Neutron-induced astrophysical reaction rates Astron. Astrophys. 513, A69 2010
ppde pp-->denu reaction rate 0
pt05 R.G. Pizzone et al. Trojan Horse estimate of bare nucleus astrophysical S(E)-factor for the 6Li(p,α) A & A 438, 779-784 2005
rath Rauscher, T NON-SMOKER Hauser-Feshbach w/ FRDM Mass Input ADNDT 75, 1, p1-351 2000
rh10 Hoffman, R.D. Reaction rate sensitivity of 44Ti production in massive stars and implications of a thick target yield measurement of 40Ca(a,g)44Ti ApJ 715, 1383 2010
rk12 Rauscher, T Astrophysical analysis of the measurement of (α,γ) and (α,n) cross sections of 169Tm PRC 86, 015804 2012
ro95 Stegmuller, F 22Na(p,g)23Mg resonant reaction at low energies Nucl. Phys. A601, 168 1996
rolf Hulke, G Comparison of the fusion reactions 12C + 20Ne and 16O + 16O near the coulomb barrier Zeitschrift fur Physik A297, 1 1980
rpsm T. Rauscher NON-SMOKER Hauser Feshbach rates with Audi Wapastra masses private communication 1999
sa12 Sauerwein et al Investigation of the reaction 74Ge( p,γ)75As using the in-beam method to improve reaction network predictions for p nuclei PHYSICAL REVIEW C 86, 035802 2012
sb05 H. Schatz Revised result for the Cl32(p,γ)Ar33 reaction rate for astrophysical rp-process calculations PRC 72, 065804 2005
sh03 N.C. Shu New Astrophysical Reaction Rates for 18F(p,α)15O and 18F(p,γ)19Ne Chinese Physics Letters 20, 14 2003
sh05 N.C. Shu The C11(p,γ)N12 reaction rate and the covnersion of He3 into CNO NPA 758, 419 2005
si13 A. Simon et al. Systematic study of (p,γ) reactions on Ni isotopes Phys. Rev. C 87, 055802 2013
SM86 Sevior, M.E. Cross Sections for Proton Induced Reactions on 41K and for the Reaction 62Ni(α,p)65Cu NPA 454, 128-142 1986
SM91 Scott, A.F. Cross Sections and Thermonuclear Reaction rates for 41K(α,n)44Sc and 41K(α,p)44Ca NPA 523, 373-385 1991
SM93 Scott, A.F. The 34S(α,γ)38Ar, 34S(α,n)37Ar,34S(α,p)37Cl cross sections NPA 552, 363-377 1993
smmo smmo 2000
smwa smwa
sp12 Salter, P.J.C Measurement of the 18Ne(α,p0<\sub>)21Na Reaction Cross Section in the Burning Energy Region for X-Ray Bursts PRL 108, 242701 2012
st08 E. Strandberg et al. Mg24(a,g)Si28 resonance parameters at low alpha-particle energies PRC 77, 055801 2008
st13 Straniero et al. IMPACT OF A REVISED 25Mg(p,γ)26Al REACTION RATE ON THE OPERATION OF THE Mg-Al CYCLE ApJ 763 100 2013
sw12 Vermote, S. Experimental determination of the 41Ca(n,α)38Ar reaction cross section up to 80 keV, and calculation of the Maxwellian averaged cross section at stellar temperatures PRC85,015803 2012
ta04 X. Tang et al Determination of the direct capture contribution for N13(p,γ)O14 from the O14 -> N13+p asympto PRC 69, 055807 2004
thra T. Rauscher NON-SMOKER Hauser-Feshbach w/ ETSFIQ Mass Input ADNDT 75, 1, p1-351 2000
ths8 Cyburt, R.H. et al. Theory rates from T. Rauscher as part of REACLIB V1.0 release ApJS (189) 240 2010
ths8g Cyburt, R. H. et al. Theory rates from T. Rauscher as part of REACLIB V1.0 release ApJS (189) 240 2010
to11 Togano, Y. et al Resonance states in 27P using Coulomb dissociation and their effect on the stellar reaction 26Si(p,g)27P PRC 84, 035808 2011
tr04 Rauscher T. !!!(DELETED)!!! NON-SMOKER Hauser Feshbach rates with new masses from private communication 2004
trc8 Cyburt, R.H. et al. REFIT: Theory rates from T. Rauscher as part of REACLIB V1.0 release ApJS (189) 240 2014
ua08 Ugalde, C. Thermonuclear rate for the 19F(α,p)22Ne reaction at stellar temperatures PRC 77, 035801 2008
ur98 Utku, S Breakout from the hot CNO cycle: The 18F(p,γ) vs 18F(p,α) branching ratio PhRvC 57, 5, p2731 1998
vb94 Vouzoukas, S. Reaction rate for S31(p,γ)Cl32 and its influence on the SiP cycle in hot stellar hydrogen burning PRC 50, 1185 1994
wag R V Wagoner Synthesis of the Elements Within Objects Exploding from Very High Temperatures ApJSup, 162, 18, 247 1969
wawo R K Wallace Explosive hydrogen burning ApJSup V45, 389 1981
wc07 J. K. Tuli weak rates from the Nuclear Wallet Cards National Nuclear Data Center 2007
wc12 J. K. Tuli Weak rates from the Nuclear Wallet Cards National Nuclear Data Center 2012
wc17 Weak rates from the Nuclear Wallet Cards National Nuclear Data Center 2017
wd09 Wrede, C. Thermonuclear 25Al( p, γ )26Si reaction rate in classical novae and Galactic 26Al PHYSICAL REVIEW C 79, 035803 2009
weaktest "This title" & "that title" "PRC 123" & "PRL 321" 2010
wfh R V Wagoner On the Synthesis of Elements at Very High Temperatures ApJ 148, 3 1967
wh87 M.Wiescher Alpha-burning of O14 ApJ 316, 162-171 1987
wi2p Schatz 2p capture reaction Physics Rep. 294 167 1998
wien Forstner Thermonuclear reaction rate of Ni56(p,γ)Cu57 and Cu57(p,γ)Zn58 Physics Review C 64 045801 2001
wien2 Thermonuclear reaction rate of Ni56(p,γ)Cu57 and Cu57(p,γ)Zn58 Physics Review C 64 045801 2001
wies michael wiescher various 2000
wr09 Wrede, C. Thermonuclear 30S( p, γ )31Cl reaction in type I x-ray bursts PHYSICAL REVIEW C 79, 045808 2009
ww02 S. Wilmes, V. Wilmes, G. Staudt, P. Mohr The N15(a,γ)F19 reaction and nucleosynthesis of F19 PRC 66, 065802 2002