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The Results Page lists all the reaction rates resulting from a search or a "View Rates" action on a library. Depending on the number of results, there may be several pages, which you can jump to by clicking the page number. Click on a rate equation to view details about that rate. Some rates may be shaded green - these are future rates. Future rate versions are used to keep track of versions that are in the system but are not yet suggested for use. This allows commenting on rates before they are recommended. There is a legend on the right side of the page. Below the legend is the "Result Actions" area.

Result Actions - You can download a file containing all the rates in the result set by selecting the format from the drop-down box. Check the box underneath to exclude chapters 9, 10, and 11. For a full description of what this option does, see the FAQs. You can also view a Nuclide Chart of the result set by clicking the "View Nuclide Chart" button.

Adding and Removing Rates From a Library - From the results page, you can add or remove rates from your currently selected active library. If you are logged in, use the "selected library" drop-down box in the right of the statusbar to select the library you wish to add or remove rates from. It may take a moment to repopulate the search results with the new library information. After the loading is done, there will be two extra columns in the search results. The first will contain a picture of a blue checkmark if the rate is contained in your selected library. The second column contains a useable checkbox for selecting the rate. To add rates to your library, select one or more rates by clicking on the checkboxes, then click the "Add Selected Rates" or "Remove Selected Rates" button. To select all the rates on the page, check the box in the table heading. To select all the rates in the entire result set, click the "Select entire set of X rates" link. This link appears after you have selected all the rates on a page.

Rate Versions - A library cannot contain multiple versions of a reaction rate. If you attempt to add multiple versions of a rate, an error message will appear. Only select one version of each rate to add. If you attempt to add a rate with a different version than one already in the library, a warning message will appear. Click "Add Selected Rates" a second time to replace the old version of the rate with the one you have selected.

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