Library Details

Library: ReaclibV2.2
Date Added: 2016-11-14
Owner: reaclib
Public: Yes
Description: List of rates that I've re-evaluated so that they're available in REACLIB
Total Count of Rates: 81644
Weak Rates: 15904
Labels 6an9CYBT(2), ac12(2), an06(2), bb92(16), bet+(3), bet-(6), bex+(10), bhi+(23), bk91(2), bk92(2), bkmo(413), bqa+(213), btyk(6), cb09(2), cd08(2), cf88(86), chw0(4), co10(2), cybtCO(2), dc11(2), de04(18), De99(2), ec(3), fkth(28), fy05(2), gh95(2), gl07(2), gl12(2), Ha96c(2), hg12(4), hg95(2), hi09(2), ia08(2), il01(3), il10(102), im05(2), jz10(2), ka02(682), kd02(16), kg91(2), ks12(2), ku92(2), laur(2), ld11(2), lg06(2), li10(2), li12(4), ls09(2), ma10(2), mafo(16), mb07(2), mb11(2), mm11(2), mo03(12094), mo92(314), mv09(2), nac2(2), nacr(61), nb03(5), nfis(50), nk06(2), nw00(2), ol11(4), pkrF(4906), pt05(2), rath(49028), rk12(2), rolf(6), rpsm(372), sa12(2), si13(10), SM86(8), SM91(4), SM93(6), st08(2), st13(4), thra(6), ths8(9746), ua08(2), wag(46), wc07(16), wc12(3150), wfh(2), wh87(2), wien(2), wien2(2), wies(60) (87 labels 81644 rates total )
Extended Description: This library contains a number of reaction rates from various sources that I've updated.rnrnCurrently it includes a new 24Mg(a,g)28Si rate (see PA, AM Laird, Z Meisel PRC 102, 015801).rnrnTo be added:rnrn1) a new ChETEC rate of 22Ne(a,g) and 22Ne(a,n).rnrn2+3) The rates of Andreas Best (avoiding saying "Best" rates because that could get confused with "recommended") for 17O(a,n) and 17O(a,g) extracted from PRC 87, 045805 (2013) along with the same rates evaluated with the RatesMC code using the nuclear data from PRCs 87, 045805 (2013) and 83, 052802(R) (2011).rnrn4) Updated 17O(a,g) and 17O(a,n) rates based on the results of an experiment at TUNL.