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Search Rates

The Search Rates page allows you to search the REACLIB database for reaction rates. It is divided into multiple sections, each allowing you to refine your search in different ways.

Limit Search
This section allows you to refine your search by limiting the results to a specific library, reaction type, label, modified date, and the user who last modified the rate. You can also limit the results per page (default is 50).

Specify Nuclides
This section allows you to choose specific nuclides you are interested in. Enter a start and end value for the range of protons (Z) and/or the atomic mass (A) you would like to be contained in the search. By default, this criteria is applied to the target nucleus of the reaction rate. To specify a range for one or more specific nuclei within a rate, select the "All Nuclei/Chapters" button. This will bring up a form allowing you to enter a Z and A range for the nuclei in any position of the reaction. You may then select specific chapters to include or ignore in the search by using the chapter list which will appear to the right of the "Specify Nuclides" section.

Additional Criteria
This section provides additional search restrictions which you may activate or deactivate by checking the box next to each one. Note that some of these criteria are conflicting and not meant to be simultaneously activated (i.e. Only Weak Rates and Exclude Weak Rates).

Your search results will be displayed on the Results Page. For information about the results page, click the link.

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